Michael Banifatov, visual artist, photographer. Originally from Russia, born in St. Petersburg, based in Israel.

Michael is an awarder in many festivals, the silver winner of BIFA and TIFA 2023, the winner of the Architecture Masterprize 2023. That year he has also been honored with the PX3 and Urban Photo Awards. Michael's works have been exhibited in London, Rome, Glasgow, São Paulo, Paris, Trieste, Athens, Berlin and also been published in international publications.

In his creative work Michael explores themes such as the abstraction of everyday life and the irrationality of reality, as evident in his series titled "Dreams Of Ordinary World." This open project reflects his perspective: "I think my items are quite surreal - the artist says - It may not seem so at first glance, but I am attracted to the very beginning of the process, when reality only begins to go out from itself. I want to capture this moment".

Michael enjoys assembling individual images into a larger picture, comparing it to solving puzzles, and finds joy in the process.

"Occasionally, I present very limited space. - Michael continues - The whole world converges at one point, and this point becomes the whole world for you. And this world will again converge at one point for someone. Process is endless. I like this exchange".